Monthly Archives: June 2011

QR code

after almost 10 day absence i’m here again  with a new post .i bet that with seeing post  photo you guess today story , yes today i want to write about QR barcode .QR Code (Quick Response code)  is a barcode that Nowadays you can see it in many places such as products packs , newspaper ,etc … . in ... Read More »

DOS commands & some tips & trick

DOS (disk operation system ) is oldest Microsoft operation system a boring and dark environment that you must type commands for do anything .may you say with coming new OS  with nice graphic interfaces we don’t need to use DOS but you must know DOS commands power is still alive and in some case is very very usefull than new ... Read More »

Do you need suggestion for choose better domain ,or product Name ?

it’s very difficult  when you want choose a name for your website or your product , certainly this subject happened for you too and at this time you need to many suggestions and may ask your friends to give some suggestion about name today i want to intorduce a online tool that you give your favored title him and this ... Read More »