DXv : Developer Express DXperience Universal Components Full package

The DevExpress Universal Suite is  most comprehensive software development toolset for .NET developers. Build applications for Windows, web, mobile and tablet with all of the DevExpress single platform controls – from WinForms to ASP.NET, WPF to Silverlight and now Windows 8. And, with the release of Universal 12.2 you will receive DXTREME, your tools for building multi-channel applications for smartphones like the iPhone and Android and for tablets like the iPad and new Microsoft Surface. The Universal Suite also includes CodeRush and the award winning eXpress Application Framework (XAF) all in one integrated package.


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WinForms Controls

     * Grid and Data Editors for WinForms
     * Ribbon, Toolbar-Menu for WinForms
     * OLAP Data Mining Control for WinForms
     * Calendar / Scheduler for WinForms
     * TreeView-Grid Hybrid for WinForms
     * Gauges and Dashboards for WinForms
     * Rich Text Editor for WinForms
     * Wizard Control for WinForms
     * Property Grid for WinForms
     * Charting Control for WinForms
     * Layout Manager for WinForms
     * Navigation Pane for WinForms
     * Data Editors and Controls for WinForms
     * Printing-Exporting Library for WinForms
     * Spell Checker for WinForms
  ASP.NET Controls
     * Charting Control for ASP.NET
     * Grid and Data Editors for ASP.NET
     * Filter Editor for ASP.NET
     * Calendar / Scheduler for ASP.NET
     * HTML Editor for ASP.NET
     * Gauges and Dashboards for ASP.NET
     * TreeView-Grid Hybrid for ASP.NET
     * OLAP Data Mining Control for ASP.NET
     * Spell Checker for ASP.NET
     * Cloud for ASP.NET
     * List View for ASP.NET
     * Menu for ASP.NET
     * Navigation Pane for ASP.NET
     * News List for ASP.NET
     * Popup Window for ASP.NET
     * Site Map for ASP.NET
     * Tab Control for ASP.NET
     * Title Index for ASP.NET
     * Upload Control for ASP.NET
     * Utility Components for ASP.NET
  WPF Controls
     * Data Grid for WPF
     * Charting Control for WPF
     * Toolbar-Menu System for WPF
     * Dock Windows for WPF
     * Printing-Exporting Library for WPF
     * Data Editors for WPF
     * Navigation Pane for WPF
     * Carousel for WPF
     * Pivot Grid for WPF
     * Layout Manager for WPF
     * Application Themes for WPF
  Silverlight Controls
     * Data Grid for Silverlight
     * Toolbar-Menu Controls for Silverlight
     * Layout Manager for Silverlight
     * Rich Text Editor for Silverlight
     * Navigation Pane for Silverlight
     * Data Editors for Silverlight
     * Spell Checker for Silverlight
     * Book Control for Silverlight
     * Mirror Control for Silverlight
     * Window & Dialog for Silverlight
     * Tab Control for Silverlight
     * Transition Animator for Silverlight
     * Upload Control for Silverlight

Reporting / Printing Suites

     * Reporting Tool
     * Printing-Exporting Library

IDE Productivity Tools

     * Coding Assistance Add-in for Visual Studio
     * Refactoring Add-in for Visual Studio

Business Application Frameworks

     * .NET Application Framework
 Object-Relational Mapping Library
     * .NET ORM Tool

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