Learning Mobile App Development: A Hands-on Guide to Building Apps with iOS and Android Pdf download

Learning Mobile App Development: A Hands-on Guide to Building Apps with iOS and Android

The Only Tutorial Covering BOTH iOS and Androidfor students and professionals alike! Now, one book can help you master mobile app development with both market-leading platforms: Apples iOS and Googles Android. Perfect for both students and professionals, Learning Mobile App Development is the only tutorial with complete parallel coverage of both iOS and Android. With this guide, you can master ... Read More »

Spatial Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach PDF Download

Spatial Cloud Computing

An exploration of the benefits of cloud computing in geoscience research and applications as well as future research directions, Spatial Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach discusses the essential elements of cloud computing and their advantages for geoscience. Using practical examples, it details the geoscience requirements of cloud computing, covers general procedures and considerations when migrating geoscience applications onto cloud services, ... Read More »

TCP/IP Professional Reference Guide PDF Download

TCP/IP Professional Reference Guide

The TCP/IP suite has evolved from an academic networking tool to the driving force behind the Internet, intranets, and extranets. Advances in networking and communications software based upon the TCP/IP protocol suite has opened a new range of technologies that have the potential to considerably effect our lives. A comprehensive reference, TCP/IP Professional Reference Guide provides you with detailed information ... Read More »

how to access Tp-Link Access point web based admin interface

Tp-Link Access point web admin

Tp-link routers and access point web based admin panel  ip are different never use same ip for both of them for router you should use  but for access point the way to access is a little bit different first of all you should connect AP with LAN cable to your pc or laptop  LAN port,  then change your LAN ... Read More »

Moving Applications to the Cloud on Windows Azure Pdf Download


How do you build and deploy applications to be scalable and have high availability Along with developing the applications, you must also have an infrastructure that can support them. You may need to scale up or add servers, have redundant hardware, and add logic to the application to handle distributed computing and failoverseven if an application is in high demand ... Read More »

Connection Oriented vs. Connectionless

Connection Oriented vs. Connectionless

Connection Oriented Connection-Oriented means that when devices communicate, they perform handshaking to set up an end-to-end connection. The handshaking process may be as simple as syncrhonization such as in the transport layer protocol TCP, or as complex as negotiating communications parameters as with a modem.Connection-Oriented systems can only work in bi-directional communications environments. To negotiate a connection, both sides must ... Read More »

The Vsat buyer’s Guide Pdf Download

vsat buyer guide

This VSAT Guide is primarily meant for persons with the authority to make final decisions,or those who make recommendations to final decision makers, on selecting and buying technologies. The Guide is meant to provide insights and strategies for purchasing VSAT systems and services with the hope that there will be efficiency and economy in the acquisition process, and that, ultimately, the technology will ... Read More »

Different types of LNB (low-noise block downconverter )


C-band LNB Here is an example of a North American C-band LNB: Local oscillator: 5.15 GHz Frequency: 3.40-4.20 GHz Noise figure: ranges from 25 to 100 kelvins (uses kelvin ratings as opposed to dB rating). Polarization: Linear Supply Voltage LO Frequency Polarization Received Frequency Band Received IF Range Used 13 V 5.15 GHz Vertical 3.40-4.20 GHz 950-1750 MHz 18 V 5.15 GHz Horizontal 3.40-4.20 GHz 950-1750 MHz Ku-band LNB Standard North America Ku band LNB ... Read More »

CompTIA Security+ Review Guide: Exam SY0-401 PDF Download

CompTIA Security+ Review Guide: Exam SY0-401 PDF Download

Focused review for the CompTIA Security+ certification examThe CompTIA Security+ certification offers tremendous opportunities for IT professionals. For those who want to take their careers to the next level, CompTIA Security+ Review Guide: Exam SY0-401 is here to serve as a great resource for certification preparation. This concise, focused guide is easy to use and is organized by each exam ... Read More »

easiest way to find best printer for your Ubuntu

best printer for your Ubuntu

if you are using Ubuntu and want to buy a printer you should know unlike windows OS  installing new hardware on Ubuntu or any other Linux OS isn’t easy and plug and play   ,  based on  my experience about this issue this way is best and easiest way to find a compatible printer for Ubuntu OS , first  check ... Read More »

Packet Tracer Network Simulator PDF Download

Packet Tracer Network Simulator PDF Download

Packet Tracer Network Simulator is a practical guide that thoroughly explains the features and uses of Packet Tracer with the help of practical examples that will help you to create your own complex topologies and emulate learning environments. This book will cover using Packet Tracer with PCs, laptops, and servers, with a brief description of its usage with other end ... Read More »

Android Security Cookbook PDF download

Android Security Cookbook PDF download

 Practical recipes to delve into Android’s security mechanisms by troubleshooting common vulnerabilities in applications and Android OS versions Overview Analyze the security of Android applications and devices, and exploit common vulnerabilities in applications and Android operating systems Develop custom vulnerability assessment tools using the Drozer Android Security Assessment Framework Reverse-engineer Android applications for security vulnerabilities Protect your Android application with ... Read More »

Windows PowerShell 4.0 for .NET Developers PDF Download

Windows PowerShell 4.0 for .NET Developers PDF Download

A fast-paced PowerShell guide, enabling you to efficiently administer and maintain your development environment Overview Enables developers to start adopting Windows PowerShell in their own application to extend its capabilities and manageability Introduces beginners to the basics, progressing on to advanced level topics and techniques for professional PowerShell scripting and programming Step-by-step guide, packed with real world scripts examples, screenshots, ... Read More »

DNS record types


Type Value (decimal) Defining RFC Description Function A 1 RFC 1035[1] Address record Returns a 32-bit IPv4 address, most commonly used to map hostnames to an IP address of the host, but also used for DNSBLs, storing subnet masks in RFC 1101, etc. AAAA 28 RFC 3596[2] IPv6 address record Returns a 128-bit IPv6 address, most commonly used to map hostnames to an IP address of the host. AFSDB 18 RFC 1183 AFS ... Read More »

VSAT online Courses


if you are interested in Satellite communication and VSAT course the best place which offer official and online  courses is GVF (Global VSAT Forum) , you can enroll courses online and if you pass final exam successful you will get certified , also if you are student or you are live in one of developing countries checkout GVF @ and findout more about ... Read More »

Satellite Networking: Principles and Protocols Pdf download


 Satellite networking is an exciting and expanding field that has evolved significantly since the launch of the first telecommunications satellite, from telephone and broadcast to broadband ATM and Internet. With increasing bandwidth and mobility demands on the horizon, satellites have become an integral part of the Global Network Infrastructure (GNI). Satellite Networking: Principles and Protocols provides a balanced coverage of ... Read More »

Android Hacker’s Handbook Pdf Download


The first comprehensive guide to discovering and preventing attacks on the Android OSAs the Android operating system continues to increase its share of the smartphone market, smartphone hacking remains a growing threat. Written by experts who rank among the world’s foremost Android security researchers, this book presents vulnerability discovery, analysis, and exploitation tools for the good guys. Following a detailed ... Read More »

Networking A Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition Pdf Download

Networking A Beginner's Guide, Sixth Edition

Current, essential IT networking skills–made easy! Thoroughly revised to cover the latest technologies, this practical resource provides you with a solid foundation in networking fundamentals. Networking: A Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition discusses wired and wireless network design, configuration, hardware, protocols, security, backup, recovery, and virtualization. You’ll also get step-by-step instructions for installing, configuring, and managing Windows Server 2012, Exchange Server ... Read More »