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Network+ Certification Study Guide, Third Edition Pdf ebook download

Explains not only what — but HOW to study Network+ Study Guide, Third Edition is the most exam focused self-study preparation available for this vendor-neutral networking certification. The book covers all the official objectives for the exam and includes 300+ practice exam questions, step-by-step exercises, and chapter self-tests. The CD-ROM features MasterExam software with hundreds […]

A Guide to Kernel Exploitation: Attacking the Core PDF Ebook Download

The number of security countermeasures against user-land exploitation is on the rise. Because of this, kernel exploitation is becoming much more popular among exploit writers and attackers. Playing with the heart of the operating system can be a dangerous game: This book covers the theoretical techniques and approaches needed to develop reliable and effective kernel-level […]

Project Hosting on Google Code : Access to huge amount of open source projects free of charge

Project Hosting on Google Code provides a free collaborative development environment for open source projects. Each project comes with its own member controls, Subversion/Mercurial/Git repository, issue tracker, wiki pages, and downloads service. Downloads were implemented by Project Hosting on Google Code to enable open source projects to make their files available for public download .you can […]

A brief overview on SSH and it’s applications

today i have a new topic for you we want to talk about SSH .Secure Shell (SSH) is one of internet protocol suit application layer protocols that is used  for secure data communication, remote shell services or command execution and other secure network services between two networked computers that it connects via a secure channel over an insecure […]